The Biggest Loser Winner Michelle Aguilar Now

Season 16 of the jaw dropping drama “The Biggest Loser” returned on NBC television on September 11. The show premiered for the first time on television in 2004. According to the International Business Times, the current episode “Glory Days” features 20 former competitive athletes, who include Olympic gold medalists and NFL players. One of the past contenders and winner is Michelle Aguilar; Aguilar competed in season 6 of the competition. The competition took place from September 16th to December 16th 2008. When the competition began, Aguilar weighed in at 242lbs, but by the end of the competition, her scale stood at an impressive 132lbs.

Her closest competitors included Ed Brantley and Vicky Vilcan. Big Speak reports that Michelle Aguilar began her journey of faith and wellness, when she was age 18. She auditioned and joined the “Biggest Loser” together with her dad after taking advice from a friend. The loss of 110lbs made Aguilar, one of the biggest losers in the history of the competition. A few months after the competition, Aguilar’s personal trainer Jilian Michaels, admitted that Aguilar deserved the win because she brought with her an inner sensibility and insight that was rare in the competition.

Aguilar was the second woman in the US to win the competition; she pocketed $250,000 for the win. According to the online entertainment media Pop Crush, Aguilar, used up some of her winnings to tie the knot in June 2009. She has since published a book titled “Becoming Fearless”; the book is dedicated to her organization known as “I Am Second”. The organization is dedicated to help people live in unity under the fear of God. Aguilar is also a motivational speaker; she speaks on topics such as Christianity and health and wellness. She has also made appearances in several publications and public awareness campaigns.

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