Chris Pronger Crushes Justin Bieber During NHL Celeb Game

Justin Bieber tasted NHL hockey and ate the Staple Center on Saturday, courtesy of Chris Pronger.

The pop star replied by demonstrating a certain talent that honored his native land during the celebrity match.

Bieber was tapped against the gang by Pronger, a tough former defender who had a smile on his lips while serving his medicine. The singer then scored a goal in a desert net in Team Gretzky’s 5-3 victory against Team Lemieux.

Bieber has played a lot with NHL stars like Connor McDavid and Patrick Kane, as well as many former hockey legends and hockey-inspired show-business members.

Even though he was unable to take advantage of two penalty shots, Bieber finally found the net at the end of the match. Actor Cuba Gooding joked: “After 25 shots, thank goodness he scored.”

“I was surprised how good it was,” added Gooding, who scored the winning goal. He has good skills and is very friendly. ”

On social networks, we saw pictures of Bieber alongside Wayne Gretzky in the locker room.

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