Donald Trump Calls CNN Fake News

A deputy assistant to Donald Trump showed up on CNN last night an entire eight hours after a White House spokesperson stated the President’s administration was to officially boycott the news network for not “promoting their agenda.”

The White House refused to send its representatives to the CNN broadcasts, depriving the chain of the voice of the US presidential administration, according to Politico.

“We are sending our representatives to places where, in our opinion, the promotion of our program makes sense,” said a White House official adding that CNN was not such a place.

However, he indicated that this policy towards the channel would not be permanent. A CNN reporter in turn assumed that the White House “was trying to punish the chain and lower its audience rates.”

According to Politico, government officials continue to answer questions from journalists in the chain. Nevertheless, Sean Spicer, spokesman for the White House, and Kellyanne Conway, advisor to US President Donald Trump, are not participating in CNN broadcasts lately.

Spicer denied reports that the White House boycotted CNN, adding that he answered questions from journalists at the daily press briefing.

“I will not talk to people who have no desire to understand anything,” said the White House spokesman.

Donald Trump is known for his strained relations with the US media. He accuses most of them of lack of objectivity and professionalism. Besides CNN, whose abbreviation was defined by Mr. Trump as “Clinton News Network,” the original name for “Cable News Network,” he criticized the New York Times and Washington Post.

At a press conference held on January 11, Trump refused to answer a question from a CNN reporter, Jim Acosta. “You will not ask me a question,” replied Donald Trump before accusing CNN of making “intox”

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