JK Rowling Donald Trump Backlash

You better watch what you say or you could end up “petrified” on social networks. We already knew the famous novelist JK Rowling is very active on Twitter. The Brit did not hesitate a second to interact with her 9.3 million fans regarding Trum’s drastic immigration policy.

JK Rowling also knows how to tighten her tone when it comes to responding to her critics. It is known to all that she does not like or the 45th President of the United States, or his politics or his supporters. While Donald Trump signed on January 27th a decree to prohibit nationals of seven Muslim countries to enter American soil, the author is outraged by sharing a post Kim Kardashian widely relayed on social networks, taking various statistics for relativize the number of Americans killed by jihadists.

On Sunday January 29th, JK Rowling was able to attract the wrath of a few thousand fans of Trump coming out of the closet a 2015 tweet of its current vice president, Mike Pence. “Calling to banish Muslims from all the United States is offensive and unconstitutional,” he wrote. An ironic echo to the current situation of the country.

To comment on this statement, the star of the English bookstores added a brief but significant excerpt from the Bible.

Fair but stinging answers

After receiving hundreds of violent messages, JK Rowling decided Monday to release his magic wand to nail down the malcontents, with a quote from former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. ” You have enemies? That’s good. That means that you fought for something at least once in your life ,” she wrote on her tweet shared more than 24,000 times.

It did not take long to trigger the anger anger of the fans of the new President of the United States who tried, somehow, to attack the novelist. For each new criticism exacerbated, JK Rowling had a perfect and scathing answer. The result: a magical war and already legendary on Twitter.

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