“Monogamy is not normal,” says Scarlett Johansson

Marriage is not everyone’s business. And apparently, this is not primarily an institution to which Scarlet Johansson claims to believe.

“I think the idea of ​​marriage is very romantic; This is a very nice idea, and its practice can be very beautiful. I do not think it’s natural to be monogamous. I think it’s work. A lot of work, “said the star in Playboy magazine.

His marriage with Romain Dauriac would be over] , report several sources. She was also married to Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds for two years.

“It’s something I respect a lot and I’ve been involved, but I think it’s definitely going against our instincts,” she says.

She then gave the example of her friends who married after ten years together. “I asked them if something had changed on their wedding day, and the answer is always” yes “, it’s always” yes. ”

The Elle Magazine said that several other celebrities have spoken out against monogamy, including Cameron Diaz, Tom Ford, Emma Thompson and Will Smith.


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