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An unpublished essay written by the former British Prime Minister, dealing with the possibility of the existence of other life forms in the universe, has just surfaced  in the jorrnal Nature Review.

This is a discovery, to say the least incongruous, that scientists have just made. A few weeks after the publication of an essay on Winston Churchill , attesting his love for Napoleon, Joan of Arc and the casinos of the Côte d’Azur, here we discover a new fad to the former British prime minister. A major craftsman of the victory of the allied forces during the Second World War, Churchill was caught up in a passion for science and technology, and in particular … the aliens. An unpublished work written by the statesman , whose painter’s talents he already knew , in which he explores the possibility of the existence of forms of life elsewhere than on Earth, has just resurfaced, as Nature reveals . His title? Are We Alone In The Universe.

The astrophysicist Mario Livio, author of the article in the British newspaper tells how he got his hands on this test in 2016, during a visit to the National Churchill Museum of Fulton in the United States. “Imagine my joy at being surely the first scientist to study this essay,” he wrote in the scientific journal.

The first draft of this little treatise of eleven pages was written in 1939, “surely for the” Sunday PaperNews of the World,” notes Livio, “shortly after the famous reading of a passage of The War of the Worlds By Orson Wells on the radio. ” The British Prime Minister would then publish the essay in the 1950s, adding to it information along with the progress of science. After a long scientific reasoning, he evokes the possibility that there exist forms of extraterrestrial lives on planets such as Venus and Mars.

“I am not impressed enough by the success of our civilization to think that the Earth is the only place that welcomes life, intelligent creatures in this immense Universe, or that we are the most advanced beings physically and mentally, Churchill.

As a visionary, the former Prime Minister even contemplated the conquest of space well before the hour. “One day, perhaps even in the near future, it will be possible to travel on the Moon, or on Venus and Mars,” he notes. “What is extraordinary is his way of thinking, Churchill approaches the problem as a scientist. It uses arguments still current today, “explains to AFP Mario Livio. He added: “He was very enthusiastic about science, but always considered scientific issues with a moral framework. Political leaders, particularly in the current context, should take the example of Churchill by appointing scientific advisers and consulting them on a regular basis. ”

An iconic figure and a veritable enigma , Churchill has always been fascinated by subjects that, even after his death, amaze if not intrigue. In 2014, the Telegraph reported that the discovery of a letter from his sister-in-law was responsible for a rumor about his possible conversion to Islam towards the end of his life.

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