iPad iOS 4.2 Update Today?

According to numerous sources today might finally be the day that the iPad iOS 4.2 gets it official release.

While there have already been many different dates pointed to as Apple’s official release of the iOS that all iPad owners are anxiously awaiting, there are a number of reasons why today makes the most sense.

The first factor is that Tuesday is generally the day when new movies, video games and software updates are generally released.

There is no real reason behind this other than it is the way things have been done for quite a while.

The second and probably real determining factor is that there is big news coming out of the Android camp later today and Apple fully enjoys stealing the thunder away from their competitors.

While Apple has never said officially when the iOS 4.2 will be released it has been in its final version with the developers for over a week, meaning that it should hit the streets very soon.

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