A cure for breast cancer may have been found

Scientists in the US are closer than ever of finding a cure for breast cancer.

The group of researchers at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, led by Dr. Vincent Tuohy, may have found a vaccine that could not only stop breast cancer from forming, but slow down the growth of an existing tumor and even completely stop its progress in some cases.

The preliminary testing was done on mice and the results were so encouraging that the Dr. Tuohy said that the treatment carried a real possibility of completely eliminating the existence of this type of cancer.

The testing was done on set of 6 mice who were bred to be especially prone to the breast cancer. After they received the vaccine, none of the mice developed any type of cancer. That was very favorable when compared to the control group of other six mice who were bred the same way but received only the placebo vaccine. This control group all developed breast cancer, amplifying the validity of the vaccines success.

The vaccine works by stimulating the whole immune system to attack the protein that is found in breast cancer cells.

Further clinical tests on women are necessary to confirm and certify vaccine’s validity. But if proven right, all women over 40 years of age could receive it and finally be breast cancer worry free.

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