Radiation proves effective in breast cancer treatment

There is good news on the horizon for women that have to undergo breast cancer treatment. A new study has shown that breast cancer treatment has a great benefit from a one-time dosage of radiation directed towards the site of the tumor. This of course comes in contradiction to previous treatments where daily radiation was spread to the entire breast tissue.

The study, which featured more then 2,000 patients around the world, took over four years to conclude. Treatment was given and shown that the recurrence of cancer was nearly the same for both methods. Women that were examined and were found to have breast cancer in the early stages were treated with more direct methods, removing the tumor from the breast entirely.

It was noted that the benefit of a single dosage of direct radiation was more of a convenience issue and that women would be under sedation after the cancerous tumor would be removed. It’s a faster, easier option than lengthy doses of daily treatments for weeks at a time.

Although this is great news for cancer patients, there is a drawback to the study. Doctors and research advocates both agree that women would need follow up check ups for up to eight years after diagnosed. It’s rare for cancers to reoccur after eight years or longer. Oncologists also noted that the study has showcased only small changes and recurrences in differing treatment options.


The new treatment option also showed improvement in patient’s psychology, with many reportedly upbeat and happy with the outcome, opposed to daily regimens. While there are still some concerns over the treatment, it seems to be headed in the right direction, with many women hopeful for a brighter future.

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