Medicare Scams Bust Lagrest in US History

Dozens of people were charged after law enforcement conducted the largest Medicare fraud bust in United States history. Arrests were made in Detroit, New York City, Miami, Houston and Baton Rouge.

Those charged are alleged to have tried to carry out scams that total $251 million. Doctors and nurses were among the 94 people that were arrested in the busts this week. Even though this was a huge bust, it represents just a dent in the estimated $60 to $90 billion in Medicare fraud that is committed each year.

The city of Miami was a prime target because it is considered to be ground zero for Medicare fraud. Authorities say around $3 billions dollars worth of fraud originates in the city each year. There were 33 people from Miami indicted on fraud charges. They accounted for around about $140 million in various scams that they tried to pull off.

Undercover agents were paid for use of their Medicare numbers. In most cases they were paid $50 to $100 per visit.

Authorities are worried about the growing number of violent criminals that are getting into scamming the Medicare system. These criminals see the Medicare fraud as more lucrative than dealing drugs with less severe punishment if they are caught.

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