Alleged Murderer Saved By Liver Transplant

A New York man has received a new liver Friday after allegedly killing his wife and destroying his original liver in a botched attempt to commit suicide.

Johnny Concepcion, 43, was witnessed to be leaving the scene of the murder of Jordania Sarita, 36, on July 5th. Sarita was later discovered to be stabbed at least fifteen times, causing her death. When law enforcement launched a city-wide manhunt for Concepcion, he texted family members asking for their forgiveness before swallowing rat poison. The suicide attempt destroyed his liver, sending him to the hospital where he was arrested by police. Authorities say Concepcion confessed to the murder of Sarita while at the hospital.

Sarita had recently separated from Concepcion and had received full custody of their three children. The cause of the separation was years of documented abuse.

New York-Presbyterian University Medical Center officials say that transplants are given on the basis of urgency and need. Sarita’s family has expressed their shock and outrage that a man with a murder confession could receive a life-saving transplant.

309 people are currently waiting for liver transplants at New York-Presbyterian University Medical Center.

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