Positive Results For New Combo Obesity Drug Contrave

Pharmaceutical drug company Orexigen has had positive results with their new combo obesity drug Contrave. This two medicine treatment uses an anti-addiction drug and an anti depressant as a way to fight obesity.

Researchers found that the drug helped reduce the cravings for sweet or starchy foods and that the anti depressant part of the drug satiated the need to eat.

The study lasted for 56 weeks and covered only people classified as obese. On average the participants lost 13 pounds when taking the drug.

While this may seem very good, this is only 13 pounds over the course of 13 months. It is not really a miracle drug if you are only loosing a ¼ pound a week, this could be done with a simple diet change. Many doctors unrelated to the research are questioning if taking a drug to loose such little weight is really worth the effort.

Obesity is a hot topic in the medical community and pharmaceutical arena. Pharaceutical companies are racing towards getting obesity medication on the market as quick as possible because the profit margins are incredible.

Earlier this month a separate two part obesity pill was denied by the Food and Drug Administration because of the damaging effects it has on the heart.

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