Apple offers an Easter Bunny tracker

Children around the world want to know when the Easter Bunny is going to be visiting them. It used to be that they would simply have to wait around for the bouncing bunny to bring them their eggs and chocolate on Easter Sunday, but no more! Fortunately, Apple has come up with a new way for everyone to know where the legendary rabbit is at all times. This tracker will ease the minds of all bunny-loving children.

By using the Easter Bunny Tracker online, kids everywhere can keep an eye out for that puffy little tail without ever leaving their living rooms. Just like during the Christmas holidays when Santa is tracked via NORAD, everyone’s favorite rabbit can now be found anywhere at anytime. The online radar map will tell all of the little ones when they can expect to get a visit from the hopping, chocolate-giving wonder.

The Easter Bunny Tracker is available on Apple iPhones, so get your cell phone out and make sure you show your kids this new app. They’ll be happy to know where the Easter Bunny is and you’ll be glad when they stop asking you over and over about when he is going to show up.

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