Smoking 2 year old causes global concern

A 2 year old tot from Indonesia, is addicted to nicotine, and has a 2 pack a day habit. Ardi Rizal, had his first smoke when he was just 1 1/2 years old. His dad, 30 year old Mohammed Rizal, is unconcerned and said his son appears healthy to him.

The chain smoking tot is apparently not too healthy. He is obese, and has to use one of his toy trucks to navigate and keep up with other children.

His mother, 26 year old Diana Rizal, said she knows he has an addiction, but if he doesn’t get his smokes, he gets mad and yells. He also slams his head against walls and tells her he feels ill and dizzy.

Some public officials in Sumatra are worried about the child. They offered to buy the family an automobile if they would help Ardi stop the habit. It did not happen.
The video of the tiny chain smoker puffing has become one of those immediate sensations on the web. It has caused a global outcry, especially from anti-tobacco groups.
Matthew Meyers, who is the president of Tobacco Free Kids, said the sale of nicotine is projected to rise in Indonesia and Vietnam because the are inexpensive and they include little tax. Meyers also stated that there is data that shows that some families in Indonesia that are considered low income, spend 12% of their income on products that are tobacco related. He also feels that tobacco companies are treating these areas as new markets for growth.

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