Kansas Senior Charles Wolock Gets Perfect ACT Scores

Kansas Senior Gets Perfect ACT Scores

Charles Wolock, a senior from Kansas, recently recorded a perfect score on his ACT test. To add to his profile, Wolock also aced the SAT as well. After netting a 2400 on his SAT, Wolock scored a perfect 36 on the ACT.

The ACT and SAT are tests used to evaluate a student’s academic level when entering college. The ACT test was designed to gauge how ready someone is for college. The content on the test is similar to what a student can expect when taking freshman college classes. It tests English, math, reading, and science. The average score of the test in 2009 was a little over 21.

The ACT test is not required by many colleges and only a handful of states require the test.

Kansas is not one of those states. Perfect scores for either test are rare.

The feat achieved by Wolock is even more uncommon.

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