Miss California Nude Photo Scandal Update

More Controversy for Carrie Prejean

There is more to being a beauty queen than knowing how to smile and walk around on stage. Just ask this year’s Miss California, Carrie Prejean, who may not have gotten the Miss USA crown, but has seen more than her share of press.

The latest news surrounding Prejean are the nude photos leaked online, of which she admits there could even be more. While many celebrities have such skeletons in their closets, for Prejean these photos were especially problematic, since she signed an agreement with the Miss California pageant saying she had never posed for morally questionable photos.

The photos were only the latest controversy surrounding Prejean, which started during the question portion of the Miss USA pageant where she stated that she believed marriage was meant to be between a man and a woman. Since then, Prejean has joined with various churches and organizations in defense of traditional marriage, an act that made the Miss California directors unhappy.

While Prejean was reprimanded, the head of the Miss California pageant, Donald Trump, finally settled the matter, saying that the photos were acceptable shots, especially considering that Prejean was a successful model as a teenager when the photos were taken.

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