Fawcett and O’Neal Almost Marry: Farrah fawcett Anal Cancer Update

New York – Actress Farrah Fawcett’s struggle with cancer has been a long and public two year affair. Through various ups and downs, Fawcett has shown strength, heart, and courage, though it has been clear from the beginning that this is not a battle she has fought by herself. She has relied on the support of her friends and family, namely her longtime partner Ryan O’Neal.

O’Neal has been steadfast in his devotion to Fawcett, and the two have been involved for many years, even sharing a son, Redmond, together. As Fawcett has battled with anal cancer, O’Neal has been a constant in her life, often representing Fawcett to the media, especially as reports suggest that Fawcett’s strength may be waning.

The relationship between the two has been somewhat ambiguous, but new reports suggest that the longtime duo recently considered marriage while Fawcett was receiving cancer treatment in Germany. Speculation and rumors have cycled for months about the likelihood of such an event, but a friend of the couple confirms that the two did look into it during Fawcett’s most recent trip overseas to receive treatments not yet sanctioned in the United States.

While both Fawcett and O’Neal seemed to be ready to tie the knot, friend Joan Dangerfield explained, the couple simply did not have the time to follow through with the appropriate paperwork while they were there.

Official or not, it is clear that O’Neal will continue to be there for Fawcett, who is currently facing advance stages of the disease.

Earlier this week, Fawcett’s condition seemed to be improving as she was able to sit up in bed and eat a steak from her favorite restaurant.  He 90-year-old father was also able to visit.

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