Erin Andrews update!

It still seems that there is no progress in the peeping tom case involving ESPN sideline reporter Erin Andrews.

It has been the big topic on all the major network morning shows and Andrews has said very little involving the incident.

According to her attorney, steps are being made to make sure that Andrews is protected from any kind of future intrusion.

Erin Andrews, the ESPN sideline reporter for the network’s college football and basketball telecasts, was the victim of a peeping tom who had posted a video of her naked in an undisclosed hotel room.

Some sources are now saying that there might not be any way that the person can prosecuted so there is a huge legal issue in the making. Another big item involving this case was websites who had posted the video were entrapping viewers with malicious spyware.

The aforementioned video has since been taken down from most popular websites including YouTube.

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