UFO China, Is The Truth Out There?

Whatever alien life may be out there, it sure seems to have a fascination with the Chinese culture. Several times this year, UFOs have been reported as hovering near airports. The first occurrence took place back in June, causing that airport to shut down for over an hour as the bright object in the sky hovered about two miles away from the airport. There were many air traffic delays, but the craft seemed to simply vanish into thin air.

Earlier this month, another UFO over an airport sighting took place in Inner Mongolia. The object was described as having lights forming a diamond pattern and hovering near the airport. The object hovered for a bit before it too vanished as if it were never there. Flight delays were only minor. Some have said it was a UFO while local authorities claim that the object was a military test craft.

What reaction do you think that the military was hoping to get out of making the Chinese people think that alien life forms have taken an interest in their airports?

Perhaps they were just scavenging for parts?

Whatever the objects may be or were, they still remain unidentified to the people who witnessed the events.

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