The Leonid Meteor Shower to Reach its Peak Thursday Evening

The Leonid Meteor Shower will be at its peak Thursday, November 18. Springfield Maine will be the best viewing point for the meteor shower as the Earth passes through the Leonid Meteor Stream, but until the moon sets the visibility will be subdued by the light of the moon. Once the moon has set you should be able to see the meteors in a spectacular show of slow moving to fast moving with bright streaks across the northeastern sky.

Astrologers predicts that this year’s Leonid meteor shower will not be as spectacular as it has been previous years due to the interference of the light of the moon causing the meteor stream to be a more subdued show.

In years past there have been astounding shows including the massive display in 1833 lasting over 9 hours and showing off 240,009 meteors streaking across the sky accompanied with a spectacular light display.

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