Conway Cover Up Alleged

Kentucky Senatorial Candidate covers up brother’s possible drug abuse/trafficking

Mathew Conway, brother of Kentucky Democratic Senator candidate Jack Conway, is the central figure in an obstruction of justice scandal. Michael Conway is an assistant commonwealth’s attorney for Jefferson County, Kentucky.

On 23 October, 2010. The Louisville Courier-Journal reported Michael Conway received warnings of investigations for drug use and/or trafficking from Louisville narcotics detectives on 2 occasions. Jack and Michael Conway approached an attorney who in turn conferred with Louisville’s Chief of Police Robert White.

David Stengel, Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorney and Michael Conway’s boss, decided not to press any charges. His review revealed no evidence of misconduct by Michael Conway except for lying to investigators about the warnings. Conway changed that statement.

A conflict of interest arose when contribution records showed Stengel, Michael Conway’s boss, gave $500.00 to Jack Conway’s campaign. Failure to press charges is considered favoritism and conspiracy to obstruct justice to protect the campaign.

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