Cheesy Sharktopus Airs on SyFy

The SyFy channel premiered the movie Sharktopuson Saturday night. The movie was new, yet the cheesy plot line could have made it a B grade movie from earlier decades.

The premise of Sharktopus revolves around a creature that was made for the Navy.

The creature is half shark and half octopus.

The computer chip malfunctions and the creator of the Sharktopus can no longer control the creature.

The Sharktopus then goes around killing women who are wearing sexy bikinis

Sharktopus starred Eric Roberts. He knew the plot of the movie before he signed up, yet he still made a fun character.

The premise was strange, but if you like odd movies with women in bikinis then add Sharktopus to your list.

Did you catch Sharktopus last night? What Did you think of it?

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