Kat Dennings Nude Photo Scandal

Dennings Ensnared in Photo Scandal

Actress Kat Dennings, best known for her appearance in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist and who will also be appearing in upcoming films Daydream Nation and Thor, appears to be at the center of a nude photo scandal. Compromising photos, which seem to be of Dennings, appeared on the Internet on Friday.

The pictures appear to have been taken using a webcam, possibly by the actress herself, and include shots of Dennings posing with her left breast mostly exposed and of her in black underwear with her breasts exposed, but her face hidden.

Dennings troubles echo those of fellow actresses Hayley Williams and Vanessa Hudgens, both of whom had their own nude photo scandals to overcome in the last several years.


Edmund Fitzgerald, 35 Years After Its Final Voyage

It was 35 years ago today that the mighty and legendary freighter, the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald, saw its final voyage in the waters of Lake Superior.

The ship had departed Wisconsin on November 9, 1975 and en route to Zug Island, Detroit, encountered a winter storm that quickly intensified. When the National Weather Service issued a gale warning, the Fitzgerald along with a following ship, the Anderson, redirected their routes to the Canadian coast line hoping to seek shelter. Winds sustained nearly 60 mph that day, with recorded gusts of 100 mph. The captain of The Anderson received a radio relay from The Mighty Fitz at 3:30 pm. Captain McSorley reported to The Anderson that the ship had received considerable damage and was taking on water. A few minutes later, McSorley reported that the ship had lost its radar.

Captain McSorley was able to maintain radio contact with The Anderson. The last call received from The Mighty Fitz and her crew came at 7:10 pm when they reported that they were “holding their own”. It was the last communication call received by Captain Cooper to the Anderson from the Fitzgerald. The Coast Guard did not initially take Anderson’s claim that the Fitzgerald was missing for nearly 90 minutes. Their search revealed not a single survivor.

It was later discovered that the ship had broken in two and came to rest in the murky waters of Lake Superior, known for having claimed more than 5,000 lives. On November 11, 1975 the mariner’s church in Detroit sounded a bell 29 times, one ring for each life lost aboard the Fitzgerald.

The tradition of ringing the bell is still carried on daily.


iPad iOS 4.2 Update Today?

According to numerous sources today might finally be the day that the iPad iOS 4.2 gets it official release.

While there have already been many different dates pointed to as Apple’s official release of the iOS that all iPad owners are anxiously awaiting, there are a number of reasons why today makes the most sense.

The first factor is that Tuesday is generally the day when new movies, video games and software updates are generally released.

There is no real reason behind this other than it is the way things have been done for quite a while.

The second and probably real determining factor is that there is big news coming out of the Android camp later today and Apple fully enjoys stealing the thunder away from their competitors.

While Apple has never said officially when the iOS 4.2 will be released it has been in its final version with the developers for over a week, meaning that it should hit the streets very soon.


Rihanna And Eminem Team Up For The Way You Lie Part 2

Rihanna And Eminem Team Up For A Second Time

Eminem and Rihanna had a number one hit this past summer with “Love the Way You Lie” from Eminem’s multi-platinum album “Recovery.” The video, featuring Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan, was an online favorite. The sequel to the song will be called “Love the Way You Lie Part 2.”

Unlike the first song which just featured Barbados singer Rihanna doing the chorus, the follow-up will be from the female perspective and feature more Rhianna. The song will be on Rihanna’s upcoming fifth album “Loud” due out this Friday, November 12.

The song has already been leaked online. Reportedly the 22 year old singer had to be talked into doing the sequel to the song by Eminem. “Only Girl (in the World),” the first single from Rihanna’s album, recently peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100.


Kat Dennings Nude Photos Leaked To The Web

Kat Dennings is the latest celeb to find herself amidst a nude photo scandal. The ‘Nick & Nora’s Infinite Playlist’ starlet is the subject of several topless photos that were recently leaked to the Fleshbot website.

The photos feature Dennings in several different suggestive poses, including one of her romping around in a bed wearing a bra and panties, another that features the actress posing naked but protecting her assets while sitting on the floor, and another photograph where she appears in her panties while lifting her shirt and exposing her breasts.

The recent surfacing of the photos leave some wondering whether or not the photos were stolen from the actress or whether they were sent to the website intentionally to build the anticipation hype of her upcoming film ‘Daydream Nation’.

There has been no official word from Dennings or her reps regarding the photos.


lil wayne out of jail, Weezy Free

Free Weezy Has Become An Enterprise

Hip Hop star Lil Wayne got his due when he broke the law and was sentenced to serve time in prison. Not too many rappers can spend time in jail and then see their record climb to the top of the record charts.

Don’t mind his record, how about the ‘Free Weezy’ gear that is tearing up the streets.

It seems no matter where you go these days, somebody in the rap game has a Free Weezy shirt on.

The numbers are not out but you can bet those Free Weezy shirts has started an enterprize as well. Lil’ Wayne is free and is still going to be cashing in on those shirts.


Lil Wayne Out Of Jail Today

Lil Wayne to be freed today

Fans lined up outside the Rikers prison to welcome Lil Wayne back to freedom. He is scheduled to be released today, though no word on the exact time has been given.

Lil Wayne, who is also known as Weezy, had been in prison for a gun possession charge, he is being released earlier than expected because of good behavior.

Lil Wayne has been in jail for the past eight months. He will be on probation for the next 36 months.

A huge party in his honor is scheduled for this weekend in Florida, which is where he lives, though he was jailed in New York.


Kristen Stewart Not Happy With Celebrity Status

In a recent interview, Kristen Stewart stated her displeasure with being recognized as a celebrity.

She says that with her celebrity status it is very hard to live a private life because her fans are always trying to become a part of it. ‘Nothing about being a celebrity is desireable. I am an actor. It just astounds me that people are so obsessive. Look, I don’t want to be a superstar like Angelina Jolie’ said Stewart.

One instance that Stewart gave was one where her grandmother had questioned her about being pregnant with rumored boyfriend and Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson’s baby.

‘You guys just need to stop reading all of that stuff. You need to leave that stuff right there on the shelf. You simply cannot believe everything you read in those magazines’ added Stewart.


Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler Explained

Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler Myth Is Not What It Appears To Be

The internet has been inundated with footage from a 1928 film starring Charlie Chaplin called ‘The Circus’.

The reason for this is that in a scene in the Hollywood movie it shows a woman in what looks like she has a cell phone up to her ear.

The scene makes out like the woman is a time traveler and that the cell phone like device is something from the future that would take place of an ear trumpet.

While the shape of the device does look like a cell phone, according to Irish filmmaker George Clarke, the cell phone like contraption was just what it was, a hearing device and that the woman was simply hard of hearing.


Patricia Bieber Says No To Playboy

Mom of teen sensation turns down ‘Playboy’
The mother of teen pop sensation Justin Bieber was reportedly offered $50,000 to appear nude in an upcoming edition of “Playboy,” and has turned down the offer.

Patricia Bieber, 34, said appearing in the magazine in any fashion, particularly topless, would have gone against her religious values.

Others who have reportedly turned down lucrative offers from “Playboy” include Jenni “J-Woww” Farley from “Jersey Shore”; Oksana Grigorieva, the ex-girlfriend of Mel Gibson; Nelly Furtado, Canadian singer; Lady Gaga; former Spice Girl Melanie Brown; Lindsey Lohan; Citigroup banker Debrahlee Lorenzana; Jennifer Love Hewitt; Booke Hogan; Melissa Joan Hart; Jessica Alba and Kelly Osbourne.