Lion’s Mane Jellyfish Stings Beachgoers: World’s Largest Lion’s Mane jellyfish Captured

A large jellyfish stung approximately 150 people at the Wallis Sands State Beach in Rye, New Hampshire on Wednesday. The injured included ten children treated at the Portsmouth Regional Hospital. The jellyfish weighed approximately fifty pounds and had thirteen foot tentacles.

A lifeguard spotted the jellyfish within a hundred and fifty meters of shore. The lifeguard had swum out on a surf board and attempted to use a pitchfork to remove the creature from the water. The jellyfish was already dead and broke into pieces during removal. It was stingers on the creature’s tentacles, which remain active for three to four days after death that caused the injuries to swimmers in the water.

Lion’s mane jellyfish are native to the cold waters of the Arctic, north Atlantic, and north Pacific oceans. They are seldom found so far south. They are the largest known species of jellyfish, capable of reaching a bell diameter of eight feet with hundreds of tentacles reaching upward of ninety feet.

Lion’s mane jellyfish feed primarily on plankton, small fish, and other species of smaller jellyfish. Their sting causes burning and tissue inflammation but is usually not lethal.

Wallis Sands beach was temporarily closed but is due to reopen Thursday.

World’s Largest Lion’s Mane jellyfish Captured:

A giant Lion’s Mane jellyfish found by a fisherman is claimed to be the largest captive jellyfish in the world.

The Lion’s Mane jellyfish’s is typically seen the boreal waters of the extreme northern region and is almost never seen in southern latitudes.

The 14-inch-diameter Lion’s Mane jellyfish has been moved to The Deep sea aquarium located in Hull.


Xiaoshan airport in China Confirms UFO: PICTURE

Do you believe in UFO’s(unidentified flying objects)? This is still a mystifying subject to most of us.

The Xiaoshan airport in China reported seeing a UFO on July 7, at around 9 p.m. Since being unable to identify the object, flights were grounded for both incoming and outgoing airplanes for close to an hour. The passengers were very upset because many were stranded.

The Chinese government stated that the UFO was connected with the military and was reported to be going to make an official statement that evening, but this statement never took place.

Strangely enough, since the UFO sighting at the airport, the Chinese airline stocks enjoyed a great rally from 3.9 percent to 5.6 percent.

There was a UFO sighting a few days earlier, but officials deemed this to be debris from an American airline intercontinental jet.

Some people think there is a conspiracy to keep these UFO’s secret from the general public for fear that they might not be able to handle it. Who knows? There may be extra-terrestrials out there ready to pounce, or possibly, maybe they are already here, sitting right next to you in the conference room. We have a lot of things to think about!


Smoking 2 year old causes global concern

A 2 year old tot from Indonesia, is addicted to nicotine, and has a 2 pack a day habit. Ardi Rizal, had his first smoke when he was just 1 1/2 years old. His dad, 30 year old Mohammed Rizal, is unconcerned and said his son appears healthy to him.

The chain smoking tot is apparently not too healthy. He is obese, and has to use one of his toy trucks to navigate and keep up with other children.

His mother, 26 year old Diana Rizal, said she knows he has an addiction, but if he doesn’t get his smokes, he gets mad and yells. He also slams his head against walls and tells her he feels ill and dizzy.

Some public officials in Sumatra are worried about the child. They offered to buy the family an automobile if they would help Ardi stop the habit. It did not happen.
The video of the tiny chain smoker puffing has become one of those immediate sensations on the web. It has caused a global outcry, especially from anti-tobacco groups.
Matthew Meyers, who is the president of Tobacco Free Kids, said the sale of nicotine is projected to rise in Indonesia and Vietnam because the are inexpensive and they include little tax. Meyers also stated that there is data that shows that some families in Indonesia that are considered low income, spend 12% of their income on products that are tobacco related. He also feels that tobacco companies are treating these areas as new markets for growth.


Apple offers an Easter Bunny tracker

Children around the world want to know when the Easter Bunny is going to be visiting them. It used to be that they would simply have to wait around for the bouncing bunny to bring them their eggs and chocolate on Easter Sunday, but no more! Fortunately, Apple has come up with a new way for everyone to know where the legendary rabbit is at all times. This tracker will ease the minds of all bunny-loving children.

By using the Easter Bunny Tracker online, kids everywhere can keep an eye out for that puffy little tail without ever leaving their living rooms. Just like during the Christmas holidays when Santa is tracked via NORAD, everyone’s favorite rabbit can now be found anywhere at anytime. The online radar map will tell all of the little ones when they can expect to get a visit from the hopping, chocolate-giving wonder.

The Easter Bunny Tracker is available on Apple iPhones, so get your cell phone out and make sure you show your kids this new app. They’ll be happy to know where the Easter Bunny is and you’ll be glad when they stop asking you over and over about when he is going to show up.