New Planet Discovered 2010

Goldilocks Planet Just Right for Life?

For the first time ever, astronomers have discovered a planet in the Goldilocks zone that may be perfect for life.

With perfect temperatures that aren’t too cold or hot, this amazing new planet named Gliese 581, is comparable to Earth.

In fact, astronomers state that Gliese 58 may be perfect to support life forms of all types.

Furthermore, with this amazing discovery, astronomers note that the gravity and atmosphere are perfect on this Goldilocks planet as well.

R. Paul Butler who is from the Carnegie Institution of Washington is the co-discoverer of this new planet. He claims that, “This really is the first Goldilocks planet.” It is stated that over 500 other planets have been discoverd in the years, but this particular planet unlike the others is the first to be found located right in the middle of what scientists call the habitable zone.

This planet may indeed support life. Scientists now are looking further into the possibility that we may not be alone; other life forms could actually exist.

Jim Kasting of Penn State University states that “This is the first one I’m truly excited about,” also claiming that this new discovery is “pretty prime candidate” for the possibility of harboring life.

While the details concerning this planet are not certain at this point, scientists believe that this new planet does contain liquid water. With that being said, it is almost 100 percent certain that life forms of some sort are on this new planet.

New Planet Discovered 2010

New Planet Discovered 2010


Harvest Moon 2010, Did You Catch The Rare Phenomenon

A beautiful, natural phenomenon is set to occur tonight within the northern hemisphere. This interesting event is called a harvest moon. A harvest moon occurs when a full moon happens on the last day of summer.

When this happens, the moon appears to sit lower in the sky than usual and appears to have more space and dimension than a typical full moon. The last harvest moon was predicted to happen in 1991, but forecasters were more than ten hours off with their prediction.

This event is called harvest moon as farmers used to utilize the use of the illumination during their harvest.


Construction spending falls to 1-year low in the U.S.

Construction spending decreased in June for the third month in a row but most segments posted solid increases in the first half of 2016 compared to the same period in 2015, according to an analysis by the Associated General Contractors of America.  Association officials said spending appears to have leveled off after a strong early start to the year prompted by mild winter weather conditions in many parts of the country.

“The drop in construction spending over the past three months is probably more a reflection of the very strong gains posted early in the year than of cooling demand for construction,” said Ken Simonson, the association’s chief economist. “Nearly every major segment had first-half gains of more than five percent compared with a year ago. Contractors, surveys and the media all continue to report plenty of projects are starting or will soon.”

Construction spending in June totaled $1.134 trillion at a seasonally adjusted annual rate, 0.6 percent lower than the May total, Simonson said. He noted that the declines in spending from March to June followed unusually large increases in the previous three months, probably because of exceptionally mild winter weather in some regions. He said the year-to-date increase of 6.2 percent for January through June 2016, compared with the same months of 2015, provides a truer picture of the industry’s condition.

Private residential spending was virtually unchanged for the second month in a row and 7.8 percent higher year-to-date. Spending on multifamily residential construction slid 1.5 percent for the month but soared 22 percent year-to-date, while single-family spending fell 0.4 percent from May to June but rose 11 percent year-to-date.

Private nonresidential construction spending decreased 1.3 percent for the month but climbed 7.9 percent year-to-date. The largest private nonresidential segment in June was power construction (including oil and gas pipelines), which slipped 0.7 percent for the month but rose 8.2 percent year-to-date. The next-largest segment, manufacturing, lost 4.5 percent for the month and 2.7 percent year-to-date. Commercial (retail, warehouse and farm) construction declined 1.6 percent in June but climbed 8.6 percent year-to-date.

Public construction spending declined 0.6 percent from a month before but was still up 1.5 percent for the first five months of 2016 combined. The biggest public segment—highway and street construction—shrank by 1.4 percent for the month but was up 3.9 percent year-to-date. The other major public category—educational construction—dipped by 0.5 percent in June but gained 5.9 percent for the combined January-June period.

Association officials contractors continue to report strong demand in many parts of the country and appear to continue to struggle to find enough workers to keep pace with demand for construction.  They urged Congress to act on legislation to reform and boost funding for career and technical education, known as the Perkins Act, as quickly as possible.

“We continue to worry that the slowdown in hiring and spending has more to do with the fact contractors don’t have enough workers than the fact there isn’t enough work out there,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, the association’s chief executive officer.


Florida Governor Race 2010

Scott Wins Florida’s Governor’s Race

On Wednesday morning it became official as Republican Rick Scott was announced as the new governor of the state of Florida.

The Florida Gubernatoral race was one of the closest in the country as Scott won the vote 49 percent to 48 percent over his Democratic challenger, Alex Sink.

This race was close but the Scott campaign kept vigilant in their stance that it was ‘mathematically impossible’ for Sink to be able to surpass the nearly 70,000 vote lead that Scott had. After 99 percent of the vote was counted, the Sink camp conceded the race to Scott on Wednesday morning.


Karen Owen Powerpoint Presentation Sets New Standard

Duke Student’s Lover Presentation Sets New Standard for Sex Gaffes

When Duke coed Karen Owen put together what was basically supposed to be a joke PowerPoint presentation breaking down her love life and actually giving every man she had slept with on campus a certain grade, she couldn’t possibly have known it would go viral.

Still Owens has had to go underground after her grading system came to light and she herself has come under fire from quite a few different sources since her list has come to light.

Some parents of the boys have said that her presentation has ruined their lives while others agree it is only comical.

One thing is clear; the woman who was a relative unknown now has her own place in American lore.


Jim Jones Steps Down

Jim Jones, current National Security Advisor to President Obama, is said to be stepping down from his position soon.

However, he traveled to Bremen, Germany as leader of the Presidential delegation for the 20th Anniversary of the German Unity.

From here he will be traveling to Sochi, Russia to go to the Sochi Security Conference. As part of his visit to Sochi, Jones is to meet with Nikolay Patrushev, the Russian Security Council Secretary, to work on the U.S.

Russia Security Council Dialogue, the main focus of which is how the two governments can work together to reduce shared threats.


Captain America and Thor Comic-Con Movie Posters Create a Buzz

Posters for the upcoming comic movies Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, were just released. The artwork in the posters is stunning, and if the movies live up to the posters, fans should be very happy in 2011 when the films are released.

One poster features Captain America standing in battle. He is shown holding a gun and deflecting bullets with his shield.

The other poster is that of Thor. It depicts the god of thunder with his famous war hammer fighting Loki. They appear alone in the scene.

Stills from the Thor movie recently hit the internet and created a buzz among comic fans that are eagerly awaiting the release of the movie. The newest still features Odin and Thor. Odin is played by Anthony Hopkins in the movie. There is also a still that has been released showing Odin’s throne.

Comic-Con will host the first look of the Captain America and Thor movies. Marvel has the first look event planned for Saturday.

These posters are only helping to build up the buzz of these movies and are leaving fans wanting more. There is no doubt that more information will hit the internet after the first look at Comic-Con this upcoming Saturday.


NORAD Tracks Santa Clause Again

Santa Claus is comin’ — on radar

He made his list, he checked it twice, and now Santa’s flying around the world to deliver gifts to all the children who’ve been nice. Thanks to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), anyone can track him on

CONAD (NORAD’s predecessor) started tracking Santa in 1955, when a Colorado Springs newspaper misprinted the number for a Santa hotline. Air Force Col. Harry Shoup, the director of operations at CONAD, started getting a lot of calls for Santa. Shoup, not wanting to let the children down, instructed his staff to give updates on Santa’s location to callers. Instead of having the misprinted ad removed, NORAD offered to keep tracking Santa for the children.

Since then, the tradition has evolved. Two years ago Google started contributing to the project, using NORAD’s data to create 2D Google Map and 3D Google Earth representations of Santa’s whereabouts. The progress and video of Santa’s flight can be tracked at, via cell phone at, or in 3D on Google Earth. You can also e-mail for an update on Santa’s location.


ESPN’s Steve Phillips Fired After Fling With Intern Brooke Hundley: Photo

Steve Phillips has struck out with ESPN.

The baseball commentator – who appeared on the network’s flagship Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN and Sportsnet in Canada – has been let go by the sports network with a female staff member. says Phillips has checked into a rehab facility to “sort out his personal life.”

ESPN released a statement, revealing that the former New York Mets general manager “is no longer working for ESPN.”

“His ability to be an effective representative for ESPN has been significantly and irreparably damaged, and it became evident it was time to part ways,” the statement said in part.

The canning comes a few days after it was revealed Phillips – who is married, with four children – was having an affair with 22-year-old production assistant Brooke Hundley. The two had a fling during the summer, Phillips admitted, but claimed that the relationship was over.

Things got so bad that Hundley harassed the former GM’s wife and posed as a friend of the family to get information on them; Phillips filed a police report about the harassment.

A spokesman for Phillips says that he is “voluntarily admitting himself to an inpatient treatment facility to address his personal issues, and informed ESPN of his plans on Friday.”

Source: TV Guide


Andrew Llyod Webber Expects To Beat Prostate Cancer

Andrew Lloyd Webber Has Cancer

Composer/producer Andrew Lloyd Webber has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

A spokeswoman for the 61 year-old said in a statement “The condition is in its very early stages. Andrew is now undergoing treatment and expects to be fully back at work before the end of the year.”

Lloyd Webber is best known for his musicals “Phantom of the Opera”, “Cats”, “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Evita”.

Recently he has been working on a sequel to “Phantom of the Opera”, the longest running musical on Broadway, called “Love Never Dies” which is scheduled to open in March in London and on Broadway the following November.

It is estimated that 234,000 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed in the United States this year. That makes prostate cancer the most common cancer among American men, except for skin cancer. More than 27,000 deaths due to prostate cancer are expected to occur this year.

According to Cancer.Org, since the use of early detection tests for prostate cancer became fairly common (about 1990), the prostate cancer death rate has dropped. But it isn’t yet clear if this drop is a direct result of screening or caused by something else, like improvements in treatment.