Commercial Kitchen Equipment Checklist For Your Restaurant

The kitchen is one of the biggest investments when opening a commercial restaurant in town. A commercial kitchen needs to have all the essential equipment to withstand busy restaurant use. Most restaurants are located in busy places in town but have only small kitchen spaces. The kitchen equipment needed for your commercial kitchen will depend on the space of the entity. It’s important that you plan every little detail about the kitchen before you sign a lease. This article provides information on the importance of a kitchen equipment checklist for your commercial kitchen.

The kitchen is the place where the menu of your restaurant comes to life. The food is prepared, cooked, and plated here. It is home to many types of kitchen equipment such as the freezer, dishwasher, various utensils, food ingredients, dishes, and other cooking equipment. Commercial kitchens have many staff members coming in and going out according to the shifts they work. That’s why a commercial kitchen needs to be organized well. A well organized commercial kitchen will reduce accidents and excess waste while saving time during the rush hours.

The kitchen is one of the most expensive components of a commercial restaurant. Purchasing new kitchen equipment for your commercial restaurant should be done with utmost care. They start depreciating in value as soon as they leave the showroom similar to a motor vehicle. Here is a general checklist of everything you need for your commercial kitchen.

. Oven
. Range
. Grill
. Walk-in cooler
. Reach-in cooler
. Deep fryer
. Freezer
. Refrigerator
. Soup pots
. Saute pans
. Pizza screens
. Baking sheets
. Saucepans
. Tongs
. Whisks
. Knives
. Plastic inserts for coolers
. Mixing bowls
. Steam table
. Appetizer plates
. Dessert plates
. Salad plates
. Cleaning buckets
. Cleaning rugs
. Rubber floor mats
. Fire extinguisher
. Hand soap and sanitizer dispensers

Don’t forget to clean your grease trap regularly from a professional. Grease trap pumping Dallas is a reliable grease trap company with affordable rates.

The aforementioned article provides information on the importance of a kitchen equipment checklist for your commercial kitchen.

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Eat Like A Local On Maui

Maui is known as one of the most beautiful islands in the world – and for good reason. Plunging Valleys and a gorgeous coastline continue to attract hordes of tourists who want to explore this island paradise. These tourists will also frequent some of the island’s wonderful dining spots – however, there is so much opportunity to enjoy great menu items that the choice can be overwhelming. So how does one choose which dining establishment will reward exploration?

The answer is to eat where the locals eat – here are some great choices that remain favorites with the island’s local population.

Big Beach BBQ (Kukui Mall).

Ingredients are fresh and seasonal and both seafood and classic BBQ dishes glow with authentic island tastes. Both the Kiawe pulled pork and the Fresh Fish Tacos are dishes that should not be missed.

The Hali’imaile General Store (900 Hali’imaile Road).

This restaurant was once the company store for a pineapple plantation on the slopes of Haleakala. It still boasts that ‘country kitchen’ feel – but punches way above its weight class with dishes such as the Coconut Seafood Curry and a host of other great seafood (and other) choices it offers an exceptional American / Asian fusion dining experience.

Cheeseburger (811 Front St, Lahaina).

More than just a burger joint this restaurant, which is spread over two floors serves up a great great Loco Moto. But if you are going to try a cheeseburger go with the classic island tastes of the kalua pork and chargrilled pineapple. The views alone make any visit worth the effort. You can see how clean and well maintained the restaurant is. It is a must to maintain the cleanliness of your restaurant and should every restaurant has a grease trap. Let your grease trap clean from grease trap services.

Paia Fish Market Southside (Paʻia town).

A great destination for the entire family. Informal counter service type dining fits perfectly into the laid back vibe of the island. The tacos are great and the fish tacos, in particular, are filled to the brim with fresh flavor. Huge portions mean that even the biggest of appetites will be satisfied.

Eating out on Maui is an adventure. Visitors who follow the locals will be rewarded by some of the best meals available on the island – and some of the most friendly service in paradise.


Where Did mystery Missile Come From? Missle Launch California

Military officials could not explain what appeared to be a missile launch that occurred Monday evening over the ocean, approximately 35 miles west of Los Angeles.

Neither could aerospace officials for that matter, but the Pentagon told reporters that they had their own theory about the white streak of fluff that appeared in the sky.

The Pentagon told reporters that they believe the strange streaks in the sky are nothing more than contrails from airplanes. This is not the first time such an event has occurred and was later rendered to be only an airplane. A similar event took place last year on New Year’s Eve, also in California.

Some meteorologists agree, as well as officials from Boeing. The website, ContrailScience.com also agrees, believing that they were simply contrails seen from strange angles in both cases.

The Missile Defense Agency has stated that there were no test launches scheduled for Monday but believes that the event does not pose any sort of threat.


Elizabeth Smart Trial enters Second Day

On the second day of the federal trial of Brian David Mitchell, Elizabeth Smart gave detailed testimony about her kidnapping.

Smart testified that Mitchell, 57 raped her on a daily basis. She also testified about an escape attempt, a close call she had with a detective, and her move to San Diego.

Smart was kidnapped from her bedroom back in 2002 when she was just 14. Nine months later she was found by a homeless preacher and his wife.

At a mental competency hearing for Mitchell, Smart testified that she was “forced” to marry him.

Mitchell is facing charges of unlawful transportation and kidnapping of a minor across state lines and if he is convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison.


Harry Reid Election Results

One of the most well known politicians in the United States for the past year has been Harry Reid. Reid found himself in the news after he was given the title as Senate Majority Leader after the Republicans took control of the Senate earlier this year.

While he was considered the Majority Leader, Reid still had to fight his way through an ugly election to remain as a Senator, representing the State of Nevada.

Reid ran against Sharron Angle, who became quite popular with the Tea Party following her accusation that Reid would not be strong enough to impose actual action to take care of any problem with illegal aliens in this country.

While Angle put up a good fight, Reid ultimately won the election by a comfortable margin. Reid ended up receiving over 360,000 votes, which was good enough for 55% of the total vote. Angle took home the majority of the remaining 45%.


California Prop 19 Results

As much of the country, not just Californians, waited with baited breath, today comes the news that the much anticipated Prop 19 did not pass the vote in yesterday’s election.

Prop 19 is a law that would have allowed the legalization of marijuana in small amounts for those over the age of 21, as long as it were not being used in a public place and within the presence of children.

The measure lost by only a nine percent vote.

Many are blaming the age turn out of registered voters at the poll, as California turned out more older registered voters than it did younger voters.


Conway Cover Up Alleged

Kentucky Senatorial Candidate covers up brother’s possible drug abuse/trafficking

Mathew Conway, brother of Kentucky Democratic Senator candidate Jack Conway, is the central figure in an obstruction of justice scandal. Michael Conway is an assistant commonwealth’s attorney for Jefferson County, Kentucky.

On 23 October, 2010. The Louisville Courier-Journal reported Michael Conway received warnings of investigations for drug use and/or trafficking from Louisville narcotics detectives on 2 occasions. Jack and Michael Conway approached an attorney who in turn conferred with Louisville’s Chief of Police Robert White.

David Stengel, Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorney and Michael Conway’s boss, decided not to press any charges. His review revealed no evidence of misconduct by Michael Conway except for lying to investigators about the warnings. Conway changed that statement.

A conflict of interest arose when contribution records showed Stengel, Michael Conway’s boss, gave $500.00 to Jack Conway’s campaign. Failure to press charges is considered favoritism and conspiracy to obstruct justice to protect the campaign.


Friday Is Guy Fawkes Day

Every November 5th is a big date in London as it is on this day that every year that Guy Fawkes Day and Night is observed.

The Guy Fawkes Night is always celebrated with a huge bonfire. Guy Fawkes Day commemorates Guy Fawkes, who was the leader of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. It was a revolt by English Catholics and their attempt to assassinate King James I.

The day celebrates the survival of King James I and it was Fawkes who was the overseer of the gunpowder underneath of the House of Lords and it was there that he was found and arrested.


The World Watched Chilean Miners Rescue live In Awe

60 Day Ordeal Ends Happily For Chilean Miners

On the 5th of August 2010, a group of
33 Chilean miners were drilling 700m underground when their access tunnel collapsed. Initially thought to be dead, workers drilled a small hole from above and a camera was sent down after 17 days and recorded that all 33 men were alive.

Recovery plans were made immediately and workers pumped oxygen into the hole. The hole was also used to send the miners survival supplies.
It was initially predicted that the miners wouldn’t be rescued until after Christmas.
Fortunately, things moved quicker than expected. Each miner was bought to the surface in a small cage like contraption known as The Fenix Capsule. The capsule could only carry one miner at a time and it took about a half hour per rescue.

Each miner was greeted by cheers, kisses and hugs from friends, family members and rescue workers.
Luis Alberto Urzua Iribarren, who is a father of four was the final miner to be bought to the surface.

Iribarren was instrumental in keeping the men calm during their ordeal which lasted 69 days. He also rationed the supplies and kept communicating with the rescue workers.

It’s a miracle that each man was unharmed.


Watch Chilean Miners Rescue Live On CNN – 15 Men Rescued

More than half of the 33 miners trapped for more than two months in a mine in Chile returned to the surface Wednesday after the safe recovery of a 17th man, electrician, 56-year-old Omar Reygadas.

The miners trapped for more than two months in Chile continued one by one to find the light on Wednesday, welcomed as heroes by their families and the world fascinated by a rescue without a hitch.

The first man was rescued shortly after midnight. Florencio Avalos, 31 years old, hugged his seven year old child, Byron, and his wife Monica.

He gave a hug to the First Lady Cecilia Morel and Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, who praised the rescue operation “without comparison in the history of mankind.”

Each time a man came out of the mine, after 622 m ascent in the nacelle Phoenix, cries of joy and applause erupted in the “Camp Hope”, where their parents and relatives waiting for the miners since the day after the accident that has trapped at the bottom of the mine on August 5.

“I changed, I am a different man,” shouted Mario Gomez, 63, who was apparently in good shape despite his lung problems – the president Pinera, who came to welcome him with his Bolivian counterpart, Evo Morales.

“On behalf of the Bolivian government, I do not know how to thank you,” said Morales, who came to meet his compatriot Carlos Mamani, the only foreigner of “33″.

The Head of State Barack Obama, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva or the French government also welcomed the bailout.

The rescued miners’ health is “good enough”, said the Health Minister Jaime Manalich. “Things are going amazingly well so far (…) even better than expected,” he added.

The most expansive of “33″ was Mario Sepulveda, 39, who jumped like a kid and distributing the vast amusement of small shiny rocks from the depths of the mine to the President and the Minister of Mines.

Fourteen other men, including the youngest of the group Jimmy Sanchez, 19, are then removed from the bowels of the earth aboard the capsule to the colors of the Chilean flag, known as Phoenix in reference to the rebirth of minors.

Near the mine, the media throng was upbeat at the output of the first minor, with scenes of boxing. It then decreased in intensity, allowing families to enjoy these unique moments.

Families have lived 17 days of anguish, until a probe began Aug. 22 message scribbled on a piece of paper, now famous: “We’re fine, the 33 in the refuge.”

After the initial hugs, juveniles were placed on stretchers, then auscultated in a field hospital there. They were then transferred by helicopter to the hospital in Copiapo, 50 km, 48 hours of medical examinations.

The last man out should be the “captain” of the group, the shift manager Luis Urzua, 54.

In addition 800 families, parents and more than 2,000 journalists have rushed to the happy ending of this saga underground unprecedented Wednesday made headlines around the world.

In two months, the “33″ have become global celebrities, receiving autographed jerseys of football stars, rosaries blessed by Pope Benedict XVI, iPods offered by Apple boss Steve Jobs, to help them take over their ordeal, which is already inspiring filmmakers.

CNN, FOX MSNBC and other major networks continue live coverage of the rescue.