Government Licensing Internet? Hells No!

In what is sure to bring a great deal of heat down on Microsoft, one of their top executives has recently proposed that the government should begin licensing access to the internet. The suggestion was made by Scott Cheney, a Microsoft security official, at a conference in Berlin. Cheney suggested that the government be able […]

I Like It Facebook Status

‘Like It’ Facebook StatusFacebook has recently reviewed site statistics and that users who click the sites ‘Like It!’ button generally have more in-network friends and click on more external links that a typical Facebook user. Facebook theorizes that ‘Like It!’ users have less of an offline social network and are typically more active on the site, […]

Facebook’s I Like It On The Floor Status?

What’s The Story Behind Facebook’s ‘I Like It On The Floor’ Statuses One question that has started to baffle Facebook users these days is what is the story behind women putting ‘I like it on the floor’ or ‘I like it in the bed’ as their statuses on the social networking site. Last year on […]

Facebook dns failure

On Thursday, September 23, 2010, Facebook gave its addicted users withdrawal symptoms. The hugely popular onsite media was actually having problems. People who have become used to always having Facebook when they want it were actually astonished that they couldn’t log in. The sites problems was important enough for the Huffington Post to put out […]

Cam Newton Suspended? Nope

Cam Newton Has Not Been Suspended – Will Play Against Georgia on SaturdayAlthough the is Internet buzzing with reports of Cam Newton’s imminent suspension, those reports that have turned out to be false. The rumor that the Auburn Tigers’ starting quarterback would be suspended within a few hours due to an NCAA investigation into a […]

ING NYC Marathon Results

Gebremariam Wins In His Debut In The New York MarathonWinner of the men’s division of the 2010 New York Marathon, is Ethiopian, Gebre Gebremariam. This was his first marathon and was relatively an unknown before his victory. In the last two miles, Gebremariam was running alone and without effort. At a little over 2 hours […]

Cam Newton Under Investigation

ESPN released a report yesterday stating that Auburn quarterback and Heisman Trophy candidate Cam Newton in being investgated by the NCAA and others. Apparently the NCAA, the SEC Conference and Auburn has been aware of this information since September. This stems from when Newton was being recruited out of junior college. A man representing Newton […]

Cain Velasquez Vs Brock Lesnar Full Fight Recap: UFC 121 Results

In recent years, UFC fighting has become one of the most growing and popular sports in the country. The sport’s popularity is largely due to intense fights between extremely strong and athletic competitors. On Saturday night millions tuned in to watch UFC 121, which matched up two of the sport’s most popular fighters in Brock […]

Patrick Chung Leads Patriots To Victory Over Dolphins

Patriots safety Patrick Chung helped lead the team to a 41 to 14 victory over Miami in last night’s game at Sun Life Stadium in Miami. Chung, 23, was described as relentless finding several weak spots in the Dolphins’ field goal units. He also took on players much bigger than him with speed and agility. […]

Diana Taurasi To Pose Nude On ESPN Magazine Body Issue Cover (PHOTO)

How do you get people to pay attention to a sport that no one watches? Why you put your star player on the cover of a magazine..nude. Diana Taurasi, WNBA player will appear nude on the cover of ESPN’s anual ‘Body Issue. Taurasi will be one of 40 athletes to appear partially nude in the […]