Over The Counter Genetic Test Unreliable Says Government

If you have thought about using on of the genetic test kits that only require you to spit in a cup and mail it in, the government wants you to think twice. In an undercover investigation the Government Accounting Office found them unreliable and of little use. While all the tests have been available on […]

Health Insurance Premiums Up As Insurers Hoarding Cash

An independent study from Consumers Union is revealing that a number of health insurers are stockpiling billions of dollars but continue to raise premiums by double digits each year. The study primarily investigated popular Blue Cross Blue Shield non-profit insurers, who cover roughly one in three Americans with a private insurance plan. While the law […]

New Form of Child Abuse On the Rise: Drugs and Alcohol

Research published in the Journal of Pediatrics indicates the cases of adults dosing their children with common drugs is on the rise in the United States. The drugs include over-the-counter non-prescription varieties, as well as illegal drugs such as alcohol, cocaine and marijuana. Dr. Shan Yin, of Denver’s Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center, helped […]

HHS rules in PCIP Abortion Issue

Trying to head off a potentially explosive mid-term election battle that has control of both houses of Congress up for grabs, Wednesday, the Health and Human Services spokeswomen Jenny Backus, has issued a release concerning abortion coverage under the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan. In the statement, “abortions will not be covered in the Pre-existing Condition […]

The FDA Approves the Sale of Avandia

Earlier this week it was announced that a medical advisory panel recommended that the diabetes drug, Avandia, be pulled from the shelves or be strictly regulated due to its history of increasing the risk of heart attacks. The FDA cracked down on the drug’s maker, GlaxoSmithKline, due to the fact that they failed to report […]

Medicare Scams Bust Lagrest in US History

Dozens of people were charged after law enforcement conducted the largest Medicare fraud bust in United States history. Arrests were made in Detroit, New York City, Miami, Houston and Baton Rouge. Those charged are alleged to have tried to carry out scams that total $251 million. Doctors and nurses were among the 94 people that […]

Over 1000 Exposed to Dengue Fever In Florida

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention reported Tuesday that more than 1000 people in Key West, Florida had been exposed to Dengue Fever. No infections had been reported since 1934. Dengue Fever is common outside the US, up to one million cases are reported annually. Characterized by high fever, muscle aches, fatigue, and headache, […]

Forty-eight cases of Salmonella have been reportedly linked to Subway

Forty-eight cases of Salmonella have been reportedly linked to Subway restaurants in eighteen Illinois counties, including the Chicago area Will County. People were reportedly sick with Salmonella between May 11th and May 25th and had ranged from three years of age to eighty-eight. Out of the forty-eight sick, seventeen of them had tested positive for […]

Radiation shows promise for prostate cancer patients

Results from a recent study show that patients with prostate cancer, that has spread beyond the prostate, have reportedly higher survival rates when radiation is used alongside traditional hormonal therapy. These findings were announced on Sunday during the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. It is estimated that at the time of […]

New breakthrough in treating ovarian cancer

A new drug developed by a subsidiary of Roche pharmaceuticals, Genentech, has significantly increased survival time in patients with untreated ovarian cancer. Genentech, located outside San Francisco, has announced plans to apply to the FDA to use the drug for treatment of ovarian cancer as well as cancers of the colon and prostate. The drug […]