Miami quadruple shooting

Miami quadruple shooting shocks community

Missile Launch California, Where Did mystery Missile Come From?

Details still remain fuzzy at best surrounding a missile launching incident in southern California yesterday evening. The incident was caught on camera by KCBS and aerospace officials are keeping rather mum regarding the missile’s purpose and origin. The object appears to have been launched approximately 35 miles out to sea, west of Los Angeles. Ian Gregor of […]

10-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth

A ten year old child in Spain has given birth. The family is from Romania and apparently this is not as unusual there as it is in other parts of the world. Including Spain where the family now lives, the people of Spain are shocked by the news of the birth. The new babies Grandmother […]

Siemens 1924 Hearing Aid In Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler Clip?

After the recent “discovery” of a mystery object in the 1928 Chaplin film ‘The Circus’, millions of people were left to speculate the origin of the object that appears to resemble a cell phone. In the film clip, a woman is walking around in the background of the film scene, talking and appears to be […]

Bosses Day Cards Have Been Around For 30 Years

October 15, 2010 is recognized as National Bosses Day. Bosses Day is usually held on October 16th every year but due to it falling on Saturday, it will held today. Bosses from all over the United States will be feted and recognized as being one of the more important parts of today’s society. The observation has been […]

Bishop Eddie Long Scandal, Rally Planned Asking For Long To Step down (PICTURES)

On October 31, 2010 a rally is taking place pressuring Bishop Eddie Long toward resigning. The scandal involving Bishop Long first began in September of this year when four men came forward stating that they had allegedly been victims of sexual abuse. Bishop Prophet H. Walker plans to head the rally because he does not feel Bishop […]

Bishop Eddie Long Scandal: Resignation rally for Bishop Eddie Long

Later this month a rally will be held at Georgia state capitol to have Bishop Eddie Long step down as the leader of New Birth Missionary Church in Atlanta. Bishop Prophet H. Walker from true Light Pentecost Church is leading the rally and talk show host/author Ruben Armstrong is writing a letter demanding he step down due […]

Chinese Air Port Closes, UFO In China – PICTURES

UFO in China?For the eighth time in 2010, officials have received reports of unidentifiable objects in the skies over China. A sighting in September over the city of Baotou in Inner Mongolio was reported by dozens of people. The sightings occurred some two and half miles from the city’s airports, causing several flight delays and […]

Bishop Eddie Long Scandal Update (PICTURES)

This morning at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Churchin Lithonia , thousands of individuals were in attendance, including a fire truck, an ambulance, about five satellite trucks, three media tents and the Channel 2 news came to listen as Bishop Eddie Long‘s addressed the congregation. This Bishop, has allegedly, took advantage of young teen boys, sexually, who […]

Bishop Eddie Long Scandal: Four Lawsuit Filed (PICTURES)

Fourth Lawsuit Filed Against Eddie Long of Atlanta On Friday, a lawsuit alleging sexual misconduct against Eddie Long, the senior pastor of the Georgia-based New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, was filed by Spencer LeGrande, a boy from a church affiliated with the pastor’s Longfellows Youth Academy. The lawsuit, which follows three other similar lawsuits filed […]