The Leonid Meteor Shower to Reach its Peak Thursday Evening

The Leonid Meteor Shower will be at its peak Thursday, November 18. Springfield Maine will be the best viewing point for the meteor shower as the Earth passes through the Leonid Meteor Stream, but until the moon sets the visibility will be subdued by the light of the moon. Once the moon has set you should be […]

Father Of Fractal Geometry Benoit B Mandelbrot Passes Away

Benoit B Mandelbrot passed away on Thursday in Cambridge Massachusetts. He had been suffering from pancreatic cancer. Dr. Mandelbrot was 85 when he died. He is probably best know as the father of fractal geometry. In addition he was also know for his math findings that were named the Mandelbrot set. He was a world famous […]

UFO China, Is The Truth Out There?

Whatever alien life may be out there, it sure seems to have a fascination with the Chinese culture. Several times this year, UFOs have been reported as hovering near airports. The first occurrence took place back in June, causing that airport to shut down for over an hour as the bright object in the sky […]

Gliese 581g, New Planet Discovered 2010, New Earth?

New Planet Found 20 Light Years Away Earlier this week, Astronomers discovered a new planet, Gilese 581G. According to astronomers, this new planet could actual have inhabitants, as it is close to earth in its attributes, however it’s daytime on the planet all throughout the year, the sun shines continuously 24 hours a day. Even though […]

New Planet Discovered 2010, Gliese 581g, New Earth Like Planet? (PHOTO)

A planet 20 light years away from Earth will be able to be habitable. Gliese 581g belongs to the system of six planets that revolve around the star Gliese 581 (which is located in the constellation Libra). The researchers believe it could hold its own atmosphere, oceans and rivers may be rocky, thus enhancing the […]

New Planet Discovered 2010

Goldilocks Planet Just Right for Life?For the first time ever, astronomers have discovered a planet in the Goldilocks zone that may be perfect for life. With perfect temperatures that aren’t too cold or hot, this amazing new planet named Gliese 581, is comparable to Earth. In fact, astronomers state that Gliese 58 may be perfect to […]

Harvest Moon 2010, Did You Catch The Rare Phenomenon

A beautiful, natural phenomenon is set to occur tonight within the northern hemisphere. This interesting event is called a harvest moon. A harvest moon occurs when a full moon happens on the last day of summer. When this happens, the moon appears to sit lower in the sky than usual and appears to have more […]