Lady Gaga Meat Dress (PHOTO), Don’t Ask Don’t Tell


Lady Gaga killed two birds with one stone.

While continuing to catch the media’s attention with her choice of outfits, she is also conveying a message.

Her recent appearance wearing a dress made of meat was her way of protesting the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.

She was expressing her dissatisfaction with Congress. She feels they are ignoring the Constitution and its protection of the rights of human beings.

She fears that humans will be treated as meat, which has no rights in the eyes of the law. She urges everyone to stand up for their freedoms for our future generations.

‘What’s everyone’s big problem with my meat dress?’ she asked during her Tuesday night show at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia.

‘Haven’t they seen me wear leather? Next time I’ll wear a tofu dress and the soy milk police will come after me.’

Of course celebs are chiming in with their thoughts on the odd dress.

Vegetarian singer KT Tunstall says, “I can’t find out for sure if it was real meat or not. I eat fish but I don’t eat mammals. As soon as I saw it, I thought, what is the difference between that and leather? Animals die needlessly for leather all the time.

I haven’t heard a legitimate reason why anyone would be offended by her wearing meat, except for vegans angry about animals being killed, which is fair enough.”

What did you think of Lady Gaga’s meat dress?

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