Patrick Chung Leads Patriots To Victory Over Dolphins

Patriots safety Patrick Chung helped lead the team to a 41 to 14 victory over Miami in last night’s game at Sun Life Stadium in Miami.

Chung, 23, was described as relentless finding several weak spots in the Dolphins’ field goal units. He also took on players much bigger than him with speed and agility.

The Kingston, Jamaica native has previously been fined for helmet to helmet clashes, but it appears to be part of his appeal as a player.

The Patriots set a record last night scoring pass, run, kickoff, blocked punt along and blocked field goal in one game.


Diana Taurasi To Pose Nude On ESPN Magazine Body Issue Cover (PHOTO)

How do you get people to pay attention to a sport that no one watches? Why you put your star player on the cover of a magazine..nude.

Diana Taurasi, WNBA player will appear nude on the cover of ESPN’s anual ‘Body Issue.

Taurasi will be one of 40 athletes to appear partially nude in the magazine.

The MVP of the 2009 season says that she was nervous when it came to getting nude for for the cover but says it doesn’t change who she is.

“I am who I am — whether I have clothes on or off. I’m still the same person,” she says.

“Doing the shoot was something new and I had fun with it,” said Taurasi.

“For me, doing this was about facing the challenge and celebrating everything all of our bodies have been through and done. Cheryl, the photographer, was great to work with and hopefully, we came up with something interesting and maybe even inspiring.”

The Phoenix Mercury star is considered by many, to be the best female basketball player in the world.

“Diana’s feature in the magazine will expand people’s perceptions of her — and that was our aim. Every woman is multi-dimensional and Diana’s strength isn’t constrained to her undeniable athletic resume. Her photos are fearless and beautiful and the shoot was a challenge that she embraced,” said her agent, Lindsay Kagawa of Wasserman Media Group.

ESPN Magazine’s ‘Body Issue’ hits news stands Friday October 8th.


Todd Collins Steps In For Cutler

Sunday Night Football this week was supposed to feature two of the game’s best quarterbacks in Jay Cutler of the Chicago Bears and Eli Manning of the New York Giants. However, the Giants managed to sack Cutler 8 times in the first half, the last of whcih led to a nasty blow to the head and forced Cutler out of the game.

After Cutler left after the first half, journeyman quarterback Todd Collins took his place.

Collins has been in the NFL for 16 seasons, but has only started games a few times in his career, the last of which was 5+ years ago.


Ryder Cup Results, Who Won?

Europe won the Ryder Cup at the expense of the United States, 14 points 1 / 2 to 13 1 / 2 on Monday in Newport, Wales.

The Old Continent and retrieves the title two years ago sold overseas. Europe is unbeaten on home soil since 1993.

The North Irish Graeme McDowell who gave the decisive point by winning the latest single to American Hunter Mahan.

The Americans, led by three points on Sunday night, managed to pick up to 13 1 / 2 everywhere.

The competition ended on Monday for the first time in its history because of bad weather.


The Leonid Meteor Shower to Reach its Peak Thursday Evening

The Leonid Meteor Shower will be at its peak Thursday, November 18. Springfield Maine will be the best viewing point for the meteor shower as the Earth passes through the Leonid Meteor Stream, but until the moon sets the visibility will be subdued by the light of the moon. Once the moon has set you should be able to see the meteors in a spectacular show of slow moving to fast moving with bright streaks across the northeastern sky.

Astrologers predicts that this year’s Leonid meteor shower will not be as spectacular as it has been previous years due to the interference of the light of the moon causing the meteor stream to be a more subdued show.

In years past there have been astounding shows including the massive display in 1833 lasting over 9 hours and showing off 240,009 meteors streaking across the sky accompanied with a spectacular light display.


Father Of Fractal Geometry Benoit B Mandelbrot Passes Away

Benoit B Mandelbrot passed away on Thursday in Cambridge Massachusetts.

He had been suffering from pancreatic cancer. Dr. Mandelbrot was 85 when he died. He is probably best know as the father of fractal geometry. In addition he was also know for his math findings that were named the Mandelbrot set. He was a world famous mathematician and his work made it possible to measure items that were thought impossible to measure at one time. Things with irregular outlines, such as clouds and the coastline. Dr Mendelbrot was born in Warsaw Poland and moved to France when he was still a child. In 1955 he married Aliette Kagan. Dr Mandelbrot had been a professor Emeritus at Yale university.

France’s President paid tribute to Dr Mandelbrot and stated that he was proud to have had Benoit Mendelbrot live in France. The President also mentioned that Dr. Mandelbrot had been critical of the banking industry and the way they were doing things, but that his warnings were ignored.

Benoit Mandelbrot was Knighted by the French in 2006, he has earned the Lewis Richardson prize, the Japan prize, and the Wolf prize. He was also honored by having an asteroid named after him, 27500 Mandelbrot. His great mind will be remembered and missed.


UFO China, Is The Truth Out There?

Whatever alien life may be out there, it sure seems to have a fascination with the Chinese culture. Several times this year, UFOs have been reported as hovering near airports. The first occurrence took place back in June, causing that airport to shut down for over an hour as the bright object in the sky hovered about two miles away from the airport. There were many air traffic delays, but the craft seemed to simply vanish into thin air.

Earlier this month, another UFO over an airport sighting took place in Inner Mongolia. The object was described as having lights forming a diamond pattern and hovering near the airport. The object hovered for a bit before it too vanished as if it were never there. Flight delays were only minor. Some have said it was a UFO while local authorities claim that the object was a military test craft.

What reaction do you think that the military was hoping to get out of making the Chinese people think that alien life forms have taken an interest in their airports?

Perhaps they were just scavenging for parts?

Whatever the objects may be or were, they still remain unidentified to the people who witnessed the events.


Gliese 581g, New Planet Discovered 2010 (PHOTO)

Scientists Discover A New Planet

Scientists have discovered a new planet.

Professor Steven Vogt, a professor at the University of California has discovered a planet that is over 20 light years away.

The planet, called Gliese 581g, is believed to have the right conditions to support life.

Professor Vogt is completely sure that the planet does in fact support life.

The professor says that the life Gliese 581g supports may not be human. He says that the life may be something similar to bacteria or shower mold.

Scientists now believe there are many more planets like Gliese 581g in the universe.

“It’s pretty hard to stop life once you give it the right conditions,” said Vogt of the University of California at Santa Cruz.


Gliese 581g, New Planet Discovered 2010, New Earth?

New Planet Found 20 Light Years Away

Earlier this week, Astronomers discovered a new planet, Gilese 581G. According to astronomers, this new planet could actual have inhabitants, as it is close to earth in its attributes, however it’s daytime on the planet all throughout the year, the sun shines continuously 24 hours a day.

Even though evidence show that the planet can sustain extraterrestrial life, astronomers still do not know if the planet has any form of intelligent life. Edward Seidel from The National Science Foundation stated, “If we do discover life outside our planet, it would perhaps be the most significant discovery of all time.

Gliese 581g is 20 light years away from the Earth, so it may be years before any more information is known about the planer or if the is other life forms out there.

Gliese 581g, New Planet Discovered 2010, New Earth?

Gliese 581g, New Planet Discovered 2010, New Earth?


New Planet Discovered 2010, Gliese 581g, New Earth Like Planet? (PHOTO)

A planet 20 light years away from Earth will be able to be habitable.

Gliese 581g belongs to the system of six planets that revolve around the star Gliese 581 (which is located in the constellation Libra).

The researchers believe it could hold its own atmosphere, oceans and rivers may be rocky, thus enhancing the possibility of being able to support life.

The discovery was made by U.S. researchers at the University of California at Santa Cruz and the Carnegie Institution in Washington, and was published in the Astrophysical Journal.

“The fact we have discovered so quickly and that this planet is so close, tells us that other planets may be common as this. The number of solar systems with potentially habitable planets will be in the order of 10 or 20%,” noted astronomer Steven Vogt, who participated in research that is being made 11 years ago.
Gliese 581g has a mass three times that of Earth and the diameter is 1.2 to 1.4 times greater.

The big difference is that a year on this planet lasts 37 days, ie the time taken to get around the star. This planet is not rotating, ie, one side always faces the star, which makes it ever day, while on another night is permanent.

On the “daytime” temperatures are quite high, hot, according to scientists, the “night” are around -31 and -12 degrees. For researchers, the best place on earth is the “border” between the two zones.

“The life forms that could arise on the planet would have a great variety of climates to develop stable, depending on the longitude where they met,” he said.