Watch The Amazing Middle School Trick Play

The Discroll Middle School football team is making news nationwide this week after a recent field play that caught the opposing team completely off guard and allowed Driscoll to make a 67 yard touch down.

The play, planned in advance by the team’s assistant coach John De Los Santos, involved the quarterback taking the ball from the center and moving across the field towards a game official before he began to dash across the field ball in hand.

The trick play allowed for quarterback Jason Garza to move past both the offensive and defensive lines unscathed.

The touch down brought the time to a tie with their opposition of 6-6. Although the game held a tied score, Driscoll’s opposition, Wynne Seale, was declared the win because of two penetrations that occurred at the 20 yard line.

The declaration didn’t keep video footage of the sensational psyche out from going viral, however.

“This was the coolest trick we had,” De Los Santos has said.

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