Johnny Depp Confronts Ricky Gervais (VIDEO)

Johnny Depp Gets in Ricky Gervais’ Face

British comedian Ricky Gervais was the surprising choice to host the Golden Globe Awards this year. Gervais used the occasion to tell jokes that mocked many of the celebrities in attendance.

After the show, many of the attendees expressed anger and humiliation. Johnny Depp was one of the celebrities who was appalled at Gervais’ performance. Depp later confronted Gervais on the show “Life’s Too Short” about his misbehavior hosting the Golden Globes.

Depp took particular exception to rumors in the foreign press that he and Angelina Jolie accepted bribes.

Gervais has declined to comment on his conduct, but it is clear that his inappropriate antics will not soon be forgotten by the Hollywood A-list celebrities.


The clip also brings the lol’s 

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