iPad iOS 4.2 Update Released Soon

The iOS 4.2 update will finally bb released for the iPad after an intial postponement.

Other device such as the iPhone has been postponed until November 24.

Expected to be released with the update is the new version of iTunes. Version 10.1 has the built in support for the new firmware of the iPad operating system.

iOS 4.2 build 8C134b has proven to not have the previously discovered wireless bugs that postponed the operating system’s launch on the 12th.

Source state that the iPad iOS 4.2 has a new founded stability in comparison to previous builds. Apple adds new features including networking features for Apple’s music social networking site Ping, which is featured for the iPad

Users are excited about the new multitasking functionality that the operating system provides. As well, Airplay features that have been added allows video and audio to be streamed to compatible devices wirelessly. The iOS 4.2 is set to officially ship in new products starting November 24 2010.

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