Commercial Kitchen Equipment Checklist For Your Restaurant

The kitchen is one of the biggest investments when opening a commercial restaurant in town. A commercial kitchen needs to have all the essential equipment to withstand busy restaurant use. Most restaurants are located in busy places in town but have only small kitchen spaces. The kitchen equipment needed for your commercial kitchen will depend on the space of the entity. It’s important that you plan every little detail about the kitchen before you sign a lease. This article provides information on the importance of a kitchen equipment checklist for your commercial kitchen.

The kitchen is the place where the menu of your restaurant comes to life. The food is prepared, cooked, and plated here. It is home to many types of kitchen equipment such as the freezer, dishwasher, various utensils, food ingredients, dishes, and other cooking equipment. Commercial kitchens have many staff members coming in and going out according to the shifts they work. That’s why a commercial kitchen needs to be organized well. A well organized commercial kitchen will reduce accidents and excess waste while saving time during the rush hours.

The kitchen is one of the most expensive components of a commercial restaurant. Purchasing new kitchen equipment for your commercial restaurant should be done with utmost care. They start depreciating in value as soon as they leave the showroom similar to a motor vehicle. Here is a general checklist of everything you need for your commercial kitchen.

. Oven
. Range
. Grill
. Walk-in cooler
. Reach-in cooler
. Deep fryer
. Freezer
. Refrigerator
. Soup pots
. Saute pans
. Pizza screens
. Baking sheets
. Saucepans
. Tongs
. Whisks
. Knives
. Plastic inserts for coolers
. Mixing bowls
. Steam table
. Appetizer plates
. Dessert plates
. Salad plates
. Cleaning buckets
. Cleaning rugs
. Rubber floor mats
. Fire extinguisher
. Hand soap and sanitizer dispensers

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The aforementioned article provides information on the importance of a kitchen equipment checklist for your commercial kitchen.

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