Captain America and Thor Comic-Con Movie Posters Create a Buzz

Posters for the upcoming comic movies Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, were just released. The artwork in the posters is stunning, and if the movies live up to the posters, fans should be very happy in 2011 when the films are released.

One poster features Captain America standing in battle. He is shown holding a gun and deflecting bullets with his shield.

The other poster is that of Thor. It depicts the god of thunder with his famous war hammer fighting Loki. They appear alone in the scene.

Stills from the Thor movie recently hit the internet and created a buzz among comic fans that are eagerly awaiting the release of the movie. The newest still features Odin and Thor. Odin is played by Anthony Hopkins in the movie. There is also a still that has been released showing Odin’s throne.

Comic-Con will host the first look of the Captain America and Thor movies. Marvel has the first look event planned for Saturday.

These posters are only helping to build up the buzz of these movies and are leaving fans wanting more. There is no doubt that more information will hit the internet after the first look at Comic-Con this upcoming Saturday.

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